HAM visiting Turkey

HAM's visiting Turkey

Get prepared visiting Turkey and be QRV


You want to visit us, see the country and be QRV? Due it's geographical location, besides touristic attractions, Turkey also provides interesting operation conditions. For example you have almost all the time well propagation on 28 MHz-Band. Along the coast side even your handheld will open you new horizons. And you may also talk to us, Turkish ham operators.


Here is "Focus on Turkey" with great information about Turkey


Visiting Turkey with your equipment is quite easy. According to CEPT recommendation TR61-1 you may use your home call plus TA prefix (like TA2/Your_Call_Sign) up to 3 months. If you intend to stay more than 3 months in Turkey, you have to obtain a "temporary radio licence". A temporary licence with "Z" letter will be issued (like TA2ZM).


For a stay up to 3 months: While entering Turkey, show your home licence at the customs. The serial number and TRX type will be registered into your passport, which will be canceled leaving Turkey. Please carry the printouts of the following three documents with you.


1. Circular of the Undersecretariat of Customs

2. Letter of the Telecommunications Authority

3.Letter of the U. of Customs.

For stays more than 3 months: Apply for a temporary licence to the following (Telecomunications Authority):



Yesilirmak Sok. No:16 Demirtepe-ANKARA

Tel: +90 312 550 5314


Enclose to your application 2 photographs, copy of your licence, copy of your passport/ID card. Fill up the application form.