About me

(long long time ago...this will be updated, also)



Merhaba, Hello,


I still remember my first walkie-talkie in the mid 1970, which my father bought for me to play. He was forced by me to walk around the block. That was amazing! To achieve larger coverage connected to the TV antenna ;-) What is an antenna, SWR? The 3 channel handheld toys were as big as the multiband trx's today are.


Early 1980's started with CB radio again in Ankara, after it was legal to own and use such radio for everybody in Turkey. Worked with the President Taylor 4 Watt AM also many European stations. Till my military service in 1986, made many contacts and friends.


Moved 1997 to Rome, Italy. Suddenly, the idea came up to be active on the CB. While i was out with a friend to buy for our cars radio operated alarm equipment, saw the the CB and HAM radios there. My CB radios Intek Multicom 485 and Alan 87, supported by a 4 element yagi and 3 element delta quad provided me with good working conditions to work many DX stations around the world. The first time I heard stations from Brazil calling Europe was the ultimate joy for me. I met many people over the world. Like Ben from Australia, who always was a inspiration for me, in radio, with my home page, photography and even more.


While having almost everyday and time QSO's with CB operators from Turkey, decided to get a HAM license  To make it short i got the "C class" license which only permits to operate up 144 MHz. See it as a beginning. The trx is ready, a Kenwood TS570. The next step will be the "A class" license, license to work on HF.


Besides radio, I like to "play" with reception of satellite TV, occasionally SWL, of course computers and Linux, photography, literature.


In 2003 i moved to Switzerland and got in exchange for my CEPT2 ticket a full HB9 ticekt, which allows me use all the hf bands.