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 We will have here some information about HAM and CB radio in Turkey

Ham radio is since 1983 legal in Turkey, same for the CB radio.

Regarding the use of amateur radio, there are some restrictions. For example the 50 MHz Band is closed.

We have 3 kind of "classes" in Turkey. A, with all privileges according to the allocated frequencies. B Class has some restrictions regarding HF frequencies and power, while C Class can only work above 144 MHz.

The relevant high authority is the Ministry of Transportation, Maritime and Communication, all matters of ham radio is handled by the Directorate General of Coastal Safety.

Some ham radio operators belive that (it happened to me) call signs with three letters of Turkey is used by novices. That's not correct.

Turkey is divided into 9 districts (see map) and call signs are like TA (Turkey) 1 (region) and ABC (suffix). TA1ABC is one operator from Istanbul, while TA2ABC can be also a operator from the Anatonlian part of Istanbul.

OM's active for more than 10 years can apply for a 2 or 1 letter suffix. So if you are talking to somebody from Turkey with a "short" call sign, it's most probably one of the first HAM's (after 1983) or even, somebody who was active for the last 10 years.


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